Proof of a Finished Project

It’s a fact that a creative mind can’t stop creating even if it wanted to. I know this because I’ve done extensive research. Okay, there was only one subject and it was me… but still, I think I’m right.

Mr.P rolled his eyes at me a couple of weeks ago when I told him I was starting a new Mystery Quilt Challenge. My friend Kelli sent a message. “Come join our quilt group. We are doing a mystery quilt and you should do it with us.” How could I say no to Kelli? .

What about all the other half done projects he asked. (He obviously doesn’t understand the creative mind as intimately as I do.)

He’s right… I do have a few projects in the works. Just off the top of my head I can think of five in different stages of done-ness. But I like options… options are good!

However, if there is a deadline to meet I can get my act together and stay focused. Especially if a new little great-grandson is on the way.

My granddaughter has been a life long Seahawks fan. So I created “Baby 12” for our newest fan club family member.


Because I can’t walk straight or stay in the ditch when stitching, I only hand quilt. I love the secondary design the stitches make on the back of the quilt.


My aversion to thimbles has consequences and my fingernail gave out near the end.


I wore a hole in my fingernail.

I’d like to introduce you to Fozzy-Bear…


Until next time, Happy Stitching…

Sewing Needle with Red Thread

Setting Up Shop

Once upon a time (about fifteen years ago) I had a sewing room. Painted a cheery yellow it had two windows which let in beautiful daylight. It was handy …and close to a bathroom and the coffee pot. (Really, the older I get the closer the bathroom should be especially when drinking coffee.)

This room was also a guest room decorated with a quilt and matching curtains. I LOVED this room. But life happened and all my fabric and sewing supplies were packed up to make room for my two granddaughters who were moving in with their father (son#1).

Circumstances took his two month stay to three years. Quilting stopped and family time was turned up to full force. I would have not had it any other way.

But that was then and this is now. Going back to an empty nest opened up  a beautiful basement room option. I claimed it and started cleaning.

First I needed something to set the sewing machine on… An old desk Mr.P made in the 1970’s was painted white and works just fine.


I started pulling out my fabric and supplies and knew immediately I was going to need some serious shelving. So I gave myself two shelving units for Christmas…

…and started unpacking.


Wait… I think I need a handy pressing table next to the sewing machine. A trip to the thrift store got me a sweet printer table on wheels for $5.00. (I kept waiting for someone to come running after me in the parking lot yelling, “wait… wait… that was priced wrong. You owe us more.”) A piece of thin plywood from son#2, some cotton batting, muslin, a staple gun and pressing seams open is just a swivel to the left… Sweet!


The coffee pot and bathroom may be upstairs and there is only have one small window well window but none of this matters. I have a new HAPPY PLACE…and now my head is swirling with project ideas. Until next time…

Happy Stitching…Sewing Needle with Red Thread

Threading the Needle

Starting a blog about quilting is almost as hard as starting the quilt itself. Once the choice is made and the rotary blade cuts into the fabric there is no turning back. And my commitment to recording those cuts and stitches will come when I click on the publish button. Having a vision but not knowing the outcome of either of these projects, both quilts and blogs, can be a scary endeavor.

There are always those projects that get shoved aside after a while to make way for the new ideas. I do not want to shove this project aside. So here I go with a blog about mostly quilting and totally about sewing. (Or anything related to sewing.)

My goal is to motivate myself to continue with my projects till completion. My hope is that others will be motivated as well. Sharing is a good thing and I hope to be inspired by the work of others also on this journey.

First real post coming soon…