Halloween Treats

I’m not crazy about Halloween. But I went a little nuts when I found some cute Halloween themed fat quarters at a quilt show.

We no longer have kids around so there is no need to decorate for that one day out of 365. That is why I personally opt for the generic “fall” colors and patterns when making quilting choices.

But, here I was, the owner of five adorable prints. (I love seasonal fabric and have a habit of getting sucked into the cuteness.) Now what was I going to do with it?

Fortunately I know some people who would enjoy candy corn, spiders, and cob webs.

The table runner on the left has Thanksgiving / Harvest fabric on the back. It can be flipped and used for November also. The candy corn table topper below was made the year before with the same idea in mind.

My fat quarters were stretching further than I thought they would. Time to come up with a couple more ideas. Fabric boxes for treats seemed the natural way to go. Filled with special treats they are perfect for those special people in your life.

halloween boxes

I love making these fabric boxes and followed this tutorial from Seaside Stitches. Who doesn’t like projects that are quick, easy, and charming. (Thank You Tina!)

Until Next Time. . . Happy Stitching! 

Sewing Needle with Red Thread


Fall Colors

A combination of warm orange and yellow hues and cooler browns usher us into the next season. After a long hot summer there is a coziness to fall colors.

One of my go to blocks is the maple leaf. Maybe because maple trees have been a part of my life since birth? Anyway, they speak to me. AND… they play well with all the fall colors.

That’s why after my sewing area was up and running these two items were on top of my project list. First was a smallish table topper. Fits perfect on the living room coffee table or the kitchen table.

maple leaf table topper 2

I’ve amassed an excellent scrap collection over the years. I was taught to not throw anything out and evidently I was taught well. The leaves above were made from bits and pieces as well as the lap quilt below.

Refereed to around the house as The Orange Lap Quilt,  this project I was sure was going to make a serious dent to the scrap pile. I did use up some fabrics but. . . I was wrong.

There is no pattern. I alternated nine patches with hour-glass blocks.

quilt fall 2017

I hand quilt all my work. Someday I may try machine quilting. My friends say it’s easy. However, I LIKE to hand quilt. Therefore I’m not so easily convinced.

quilt fall 2017-3

The scrap pile is still overflowing, telling me I need to seriously work on my scrappy project skills. I’ll get it mastered eventually. But in the meantime I’m sure I’ll be adding to the scrap bag!

Until next time. . .  Happy Stitching!

Sewing Needle with Red Thread

Lap Quilt for a Bunny Lover

Since my basement sewing studio was put together I have been in sewing heaven. Spare moments are filled with a little of this and a little of that. Some sorting, some dreaming, some sewing. It’s all fun.

In the meantime the writing about sewing has suffered. I wondered if I had anything to post. So as I searched my pictures I shocked even myself. A little done here and there can accomplish a lot. I’ll start with this gem.

A teal and gray lap quilt was made for my grand-daughter. (no specific pattern) She chose the colors to match her bedroom. It is backed with a flannel floral for coziness. Kailey quilt with flannel back

A matching pillowcase was made out of the flannel.

My sweet grand-daughter is a bunny lover so of course she needed this special throw pillow. I used one block from the Peek-a-Boo Bunnies pattern found in Quiltmaker Magazine, March/April ’17 (#174)

Kailey bunny pillow

Until next time. . . Happy Stitching

Sewing Needle with Red Thread