Halloween Treats

I’m not crazy about Halloween. But I went a little nuts when I found some cute Halloween themed fat quarters at a quilt show.

We no longer have kids around so there is no need to decorate for that one day out of 365. That is why I personally opt for the generic “fall” colors and patterns when making quilting choices.

But, here I was, the owner of five adorable prints. (I love seasonal fabric and have a habit of getting sucked into the cuteness.) Now what was I going to do with it?

Fortunately I know some people who would enjoy candy corn, spiders, and cob webs.

The table runner on the left has Thanksgiving / Harvest fabric on the back. It can be flipped and used for November also. The candy corn table topper below was made the year before with the same idea in mind.

My fat quarters were stretching further than I thought they would. Time to come up with a couple more ideas. Fabric boxes for treats seemed the natural way to go. Filled with special treats they are perfect for those special people in your life.

halloween boxes

I love making these fabric boxes and followed this tutorial from Seaside Stitches. Who doesn’t like projects that are quick, easy, and charming. (Thank You Tina!)

Until Next Time. . . Happy Stitching! 

Sewing Needle with Red Thread


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