The path that led to today started at the side of my mother and grandmother, watching as they stitched my school clothes and mended other articles in need of attention.

Home Economics in junior high gave me the joy of creating my own apron. Then it was off to high school and advanced tailoring where I almost didn’t graduate because of a button not attached in time.

College fiber arts classes took me to the imaginative side of working with needle, thread and textures before being thrown into the real world where I worked for a time at Jantzen Sportswear.

But it was being home with family and the influence of my mother-in-law that drew me to quilting. My scrapbook is filled with past creations from before I had to pack up the sewing room some ten years ago.

Now the boxes and tubs are being unpacked. Mr.P bought me a new sewing machine a few months ago and the joy of Needle, Thread and Fiber is once again a part of my life.

It’s time to put some more pictures in that scrapbook.