Threading the Needle

Starting a blog about quilting is almost as hard as starting the quilt itself. Once the choice is made and the rotary blade cuts into the fabric there is no turning back. And my commitment to recording those cuts and stitches will come when I click on the publish button. Having a vision but not knowing the outcome of either of these projects, both quilts and blogs, can be a scary endeavor.

There are always those projects that get shoved aside after a while to make way for the new ideas. I do not want to shove this project aside. So here I go with a blog about mostly quilting and totally about sewing. (Or anything related to sewing.)

My goal is to motivate myself to continue with my projects till completion. My hope is that others will be motivated as well. Sharing is a good thing and I hope to be inspired by the work of others also on this journey.

First real post coming soon…